Frequently Asked Questions

For those passionate about living and giving …

These frequently asked questions are general in nature.  If you’re looking for more specific questions relating to the next MAD Adventure Tour, check them out on the Next Tour tab in the menu at the top.

Is a MAD Adventure Tour Right For Me?

Each adventure is personalized and professionally guided for those wanting a true experience.

 Our exclusive tours are designed for adventurous men and women, of all ages and fitness levels, some will require sufficient bike riding/4WD skills, most are for reasonably fit individuals.

 We keep our trips small and exclusive and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Definitely for those who have a passion for living and giving.

What Preparation Do I Need To Be Included?

Some of our motorcycle tours are physically challenging. The more physically and mentally prepared you are, the more you will enjoy it.

Although experience is always an advantage, anyone with some degree of previous experience should handle our trips well.

A raw beginner to off-road riding will struggle, however if you have experience on the road then do not worry, you will quickly pick up the slightly different techniques.

Our Trips are not a race and we travel at the speed of the slowest rider.

The 4Wd trips are much less physically challenging.

Each trip has its own specific requirements.

These requirements will be listed with each trip so that you will know exactly what you need.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the specific requirements in hand (including correct and current visas, and all the gear & equipment listed).

Turning up mentally and physically prepared will ensure you get the best experience possible.

Our dedicated staff can assist you with all your pre-trip preparation.

What Kind Of Shape Do I Need To Be In To Join a MAD Adventure Tours Expedition?

You need to be reasonably fit. But you don’t need to be superhero. (In fact, we prefer it if you’re not.)

However, you should be in sound physical condition and please notify us of any existing condition that needs medication or ongoing treatment.

Your health and safety are our utmost concern.

Regardless of each adventure, the goal is not to be the first to finish but to explore, expand our horizons and enjoy the experience.

Who Leads Each Tour?

Our trips are all led by Micko O’Byrne a very experienced adventure leader, who has actually completed every tour and no stone is left unturned in our planning and preparation procedures.

Micko uses his 30+ years of expertise in creating, guiding and first hand experience.

He has intimate details of the adventures that can be yours – why? Because he has done them!

How Do We Select Our Charity Projects?

Every adventure philanthropy expedition we create has a giving mission.

A mission that we choose from careful criteria.

Our mission is to work long term with these projects to develop sustainable, positive-change projects that our expedition members fund as part of the whole process.

 Depending on the country we look for projects that meet our aims.

Our main focus is on Education for as David Rattray said, “Without Education the is no hope and without hope there is no future”.

What About Safety?

Safety is a prime concern on all our trips. Our vehicles are in top condition and checked daily. Each tour is accompanied by a trained first aid responder and we conduct a daily morning briefing to ensure that participants are aware of what they face each day and any current issues that may develop. We keep well abreast of current political situations and avoid any area that has ANY potential for conflict of is not entirely safe.

We take care of all details from maintenance, to meals and accommodation.

Your only responsibility is to ride or drive and enjoy the freedom.

How Many Kilometres/Miles Will We Travel Each Day?

Roughly 350-400kms on an average day. While this may not seem like much by tar road standards, it will be a good day’s ride/drive.

The ride/drives are not an endurance test, they a pleasant and adventurous trip. The scenery throughout Africa is absolutely spectacular and it is something we want to be able to enjoy. The route and distances have been worked out with much advice from adventure riders /and drivers in South Africa, all of whom have many years of experience on these roads. Some days will be easier than others. First and foremost, it will be fun!

We try to allow as much time as possible for sightseeing and getting to our accommodation location usually mid to late afternoon to refresh, relax and enjoy a meal and a few drinks.

Do We Ride/Drive Everyday?

While we appreciate that we are here to create an awesome adventure it is also important for us to be able to enjoy the incredible scenery, visit world-renowned sights, and immerse ourselves in the vibrant cultures of the regions we are visiting.

We get the balance between endurance and stopping to ‘smell the roses’.

Will There Be A Support Vehicle?

Yes – the support vehicle will be driven by an experienced mechanic and will supply spare parts, tools, a satellite phone, an extensive first aid kit, as well as tea and coffee for any stop made away from a town.

Medical personnel (a doctor or trained paramedic) will also be in attendance for the entire trip.

What Is The Accommodation?

We plan for the very best, most comfortable accommodation available on route. For the most part, rooms will be in hotels and lodges with their own restaurants. Some will be 4 or 5 star with some others in remote sections being more modest. All are clean and recommended by top tour operators.

What About Meals?

All meals and drinks are included.

We are famous for our legendary wholesome and filling picnic lunches freshly prepared on the spot usually in stunning locations.

You will never go hungry.

Come and join us on our next adventure …